Hi friends! Welcome to the first-ever Lasers and Lockets Communicator. I hope this blog immerses you further into the world we just explored in our most recent podcast episode: Episode 60: Tiny Necro based on Scylla Ramshorn from Motherland: Fort Salem.

Episode Background 📺

I chose to do this episode as a character exploration of Scylla Ramshorn because I couldn’t get her out of my head after the S2 finale. I’m fairly certain I thought about her almost every day. Do you ever have that happen with a fictional character? They just stick with you and you want to know more. Something about her just struck me to the core. I immediately rewatched S1 again and I saw so many fascinating things in a rewatch.

The growth, complexity, morally grey characterization, and messy heart of Scylla made her such a fascinating character to explore. There was nothing one-dimensional about her.

The show just completed its 2nd season and is slated for a 3rd and final season, though you can sign this petition if you want to see additional seasons.

Things I wanna know about Scylla in S3 ✏️

  1. I think it would be powerful to explore Scylla’s trauma. No one becomes what Scylla was just for fun. There is deep trauma there. I’d love to see Raelle and Scylla trying to work through their traumas together.
  2. I’d love to see people who cared for Scylla. Was there anyone besides her parents that saw her good heart? We know that her family was heading west through the Cession when they were caught.
  3. I’d love to see the complexity of Raelle and Scylla’s relationship as they navigate everything that’s happened. Scylla’s attack on the mall. Porter's death. Remorse. Forgiveness. All the messy complexity. As Raelle said: I do complicated.

Awesome Scylla Quotes 💬

"I’m a Dodger, which means no attachments because things go away. We go away. I haven’t learned to get past this, but I’m trying."

"I love what you’ve done to the place. It’s kind of medieval. I confess! I am a witch!"

"I chose you. I had orders to deliver you. I chose you instead of them. I chose you. Please."

"I don’t expect her to forgive me. I just want her to be safe."

"Find something to live for. Something that’s beautiful and real. Otherwise, hate is going to eat you whole."

My Favorite Fan Vids of Scylla 📼

These are a couple of my favorite fan videos. They really capture the messy, beautiful disaster of Scylla Ramshorn. TW: suicide.

  1. Is there anything human left in her?
  2. Hero In You
  3. Bonus: Scylla Being Sassy

We'll catch you back here in a couple of weeks with a new episode and a new series. Get your nerd on and be awesome! Alright!